Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Neymar is back

Enjoy a new installment of "T-shirt 10" by Cristóbal Guerra

Neymar has been, in his own way, the redeemer of Brazilian football. Especially in Mogi das Cruces, in the Sao Paulo suburbs, the place where the 31-year-old player was born and grew up. Because we must remember that Neymar was blessed by life, which gave him that halo of greatness that he only grants to the chosen ones.

He amazed everyone, he reached the minor and senior categories of Santos, and a former star, one of those in every generation, asked about him: “Who is that kid?” He saw himself, in the reflections of existence, in the 17-year-old boy. His crazy tricks, his happy tricks, his strange bewitchment brought to mind what he did at that age; It was Pele.

Neymar was given, as an inheritance and announcement of what would come later, the mythical 10 shirt worn in his glory by his idol, and there began the story of that “garoto”, the coming and going of a man appointed for companies that did not has been able to fully fulfill…

We saw Neymar against Bolivia, we saw him facing the Peruvians and we asked ourselves: gee, why wasn't Neymar always Neymar? That player, capable of taking down teammates and opponents, the one who makes football a delight and a passion was once him, many times, but not all the times.

From time to time there were distractions, not assuming his historic role and the terrible sound fade into the background of the symphony of world football. He should have been the best of this era, winning two, three, infinite Ballon d'Ors, but no, because his indifference, his not giving importance to what he could have been, pushed him down other paths. There is still time, he will still have one more chance to win the World Cup, because at the end of the road Neymar is still the Neymar that the entire planet is waiting for. Has Neymar returned? It seems so, it seems so...

Now let's make a comment about Germany. We saw how, against the odds, they took over the Basketball World Cup by beating powerful Serbia in the final. Before, in the semi-finals, he had eliminated the United States and their NBA until reaching the big decision. The same day, last Sunday, it was pitiful to follow the fall, down a cliff, of his soccer team.

Without imagination, without those recognized values ​​of everything they were capable of doing on a field, we saw how Japan passed them by, humiliated them on German soil with that 4 to 1 that spoke loudly of the culmination of a debacle that has already been going on. several years.

That great Germany, proud of its Teutonic reason for being, of its haughtiness, has disappeared. Now another one arrives, in very low low hours, which will have to be redone and composed from north to south, from east to west.

See you there.

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