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The forgetting of forgetting

Enjoy a new installment of "Camiseta 10" by Cristóbal Guerra

Recent days have been something like "Miguel Cabrera's empire." His marks, his achievements, have been kind enough to justify the immense publicity received by the player from Maracay. There isn't a day when the media and Twitter feeds aren't all about his hits, doubles and home runs, and he's always waiting for the next record: which mark is the Detroit player going to match or beat? ? It's fine, it's justified and there's no objection. But, isn't there something forgotten and that has been taken to the dark by the noisy party of the Venezuelan batsman? , hasn't something has been left in the gaps of information that, due to taking care of Cabrera over and over again, has been less taken into account? ? Ummm, it smells

In times like this, it is worth remembering that film by the Spanish-Mexican director Luis Buñuel, “Los Olvidados”, in which he tackles the thorny issue of lost youth who lives on the side of social reality. Of course sports things aren't that big of a deal, for God's sake, but it comes in handy to touch the film to talk, for example, about Sonny León. There are no statistical data, but it is possible to think that, apart from the mundo hípico, there are very few Venezuelans who knew of its existence in racetracks in the United States.

The jockey broke into the media like an unstoppable barrage last weekend for his unlikely, surreal, almost absurd conquest of the Kentucky Derby on the back of Rich Strike. He had to break the clocks and the predictions from 80 to 1 to be the colt taken into consideration, and with him, dragged by the winds of fame, León (by the way, with the same name of a famous Venezuelan boxer of the 50s and 60). It was not Emisael Jaramillo or Javier Castellano, famous for a long time; no, he was an almost unknown jockey who one day before the race had neither a ride nor a future…

There are athletes sprinkled with the aura of divine grace, like Miguel Cabrera and José Altuve in baseball, like Yeferson Soteldo and Salomón Rondón on the soccer fields, like Yulimar Rojas in the "track and field" of athletics, and like once Gustavo Ávila, predecessor of Sonny León, had it when in the 70s and to the astonishment of all of Venezuela, he tightened his whip and moved the reins to lead Cañonero II to victory in the Kentucky Derby. But not everyone has had that magical virtue emanating from who knows what mystery. They say that the gods go down unseen, and it seems that Leon finally found his.

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  1. It is true, we must comment to our young compatriot who came out of nowhere and conquered glory and for Cristóbal Guerra, we talked endlessly about another athlete who for 21 years, brought out the best in himself, to get among the greats of all time of baseball; It was not a day, nor a season. This super hero could only be seen here, complete his feat, the subscribers of a certain circuit. I think my friend Guerra got annoyed quickly. In the US, the stadiums are filled every day to see and be in the same venue with this compatriot of ours, who already predict immortality. Hail Miguel, glory to Sonny!

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