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Africa “invades” Caracas

Enjoy the new installment of "Camiseta 10" by Cristóbal Guerra

With the arrival of Christian Egbutudike and Ernest Lawal to the team, Caracas completes the five-leaf clover of African players in its squad. He gave it that way, because today the soccer players on that continent, in addition to their undeniable abilities, will adapt to any country, to any geography; the younger, the lower your cost. Looking at it good, it is not a new resource either, because the "Rojos del Ávila" already revolutionized the country's soccer environment a few years ago when Dr. Guillermo Valentiner, enthusiastic about his entry onto the national stage, decided to bring Salisú Ibrahim, that spark, from Ghana. who left behind his markers, and Safiyanu Musah, a midfielder with a long stride difficult to stop when he turned on the machine. The "invasion" of the so-called black continent to the capital squad had begun, which last week is completed, for now, with the young 18-year-old attackers

Then the presence of Africa in Caracas comes to mind, especially due to a trip, in 1997, by the journalist who now writes these lines accompanying Valentiner and his family, to Morocco. In those days the African Under 20 Championship was being played in several cities of that remote country, and the occasion was propitious to admire the talent of that girl. And we were impressed by the nobility of the players, because when a ball went out the band it was looked for by the one who had thrown it and not by the one who had to serve it. The purpose of the trip was to bring players, but due to last-minute inconveniences it was not possible, but the experience and vision of knowing unsuspected values ​​in a little-known football and at that time of a new era remained...

Venezuelan soccer, by its very nature, has always been a recipient of nationalities. In the so-called colonial era, the stadiums were filled with Brazilians, especially, and Colombians, Argentines, Uruguayans, Paraguayans, Chileans and all possible South American nationalities who gave their contribution for better or worse. Now they have been given by the Africans, who otherwise are uncontaminated players, without many of the tricks and tricks of those of other nations: no throwing themselves on the floor inventing pain or in the area so that the referee "eats" it and call a penalty kick, to name a few. Well, football gives for all those things, because there is nothing that resembles life as much as football, as Manuel Plasencia says. See you there. 

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