Friday, July 1, 2022
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La Vinotinto rises in the FIFA Ranking

Venezuela climbed two rungs among the world teams

After the friendlies against the teams of Malta and Saudi Arabia, both with a Venezuelan victory, the National Team was able to climb steps in the FIFA ranking.

La Vinotinto climbed to box 56 with 1405.17 units, passing over teams such as Northern Ireland and Bosnia.

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The National team has started the new process on the right foot with the scheme proposed by the Argentine José Néstor Pékerman in order to face the pre-world championship for the 2026 World Cup.

The ranking kept Brazil in first place, with Argentina advancing to third place.

The next official FIFA list will be published on August 25.


  1. And some make fun of it... worthy of pity because they themselves are the ones who still wear the shirts of Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Germany and even France and Belgium... it is the beginning of a work towards 2026.

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