Thursday, August 11, 2022
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T-shirt 10 | The dream does not die

From the days of Richard Páez and César Farías, a new faith was consolidated in Venezuela. And it's not that there wasn't, because it had always been believed that one day football would be reborn. Although there had been sporadic victories, it was with Páez and Farías that the successes came, almost as a custom, that transformed a chimera into a reality, into something tangible.

It was close to the arrival to the World Cup being possible, and although it was not like that, the new belief had opened an irrepressible flow. And that love has been maintained over time, because whatever it was, it was already known that the most exalted teams in South America could be beaten.

Difficult days arrived, like the current ones, but even then the affection has not been lost. The people in the street feel the affection Vinotinto stuck in their hearts, and even with the defeats they keep wondering why the present is not like before, and when will the unforgettable triumphs of those years return ...

Because the dream of soccer never dies. Vinotinto ceased to be a fashion, the triviality of a use to become a social icon, an inestimable value of Venezuelans.

Today, and of that we are sure, in his game against Paraguay and despite the falls against Argentina and Peru, people will return to the Vinotinto to put their fallen wings on him. Qatar is already unattainable, it is a sky that is beyond all consideration, for what the 2026 World Cup calls.

It will be the first with 48 teams, the most democratic conceivable, and through that loophole it will be necessary to sneak in. Some of today's players will not be there, but neither should one think that this column is a hymn to despair; it is a song to the dream, because the dream of football never dies ...

Cata Roque, the unforgettable soccer sage, said that in Venezuela distractions continued to prevail. And a distraction from Mikel Villanueva when delivering short a ball taken advantage of by Peru was what lost to Vinotinto on Sunday in Lima.

In high football, which is played in most of the world, what is most worked on is to eradicate this type of action; Perhaps without the rhythm of the game, called from the substitution to cover the place of the injured José Manuel Velásquez, Villanueva lacked that confidence that playing and more playing gives.

And the inefficiency against the goal of Peru was also clear; Before a Venezuelan national team with ten men, he was unable to create the necessary football to put a lock on a match that could well have had another destination.

The Premundial continues, and putting aside Brazil and Argentina, nobody is sure. How we would have liked to talk about the Vinotinto being among those possible for Qatar, those who keep the illusion alive. How we would have liked. See you out there.

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