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T-shirt 10 | José Pékerman, something for you

Mr. José Pékerman.

You have arrived in Venezuela and your appearance on this earth is a meeting, as if it were a date of two lovers, of two hopes. His years away from football, after he left the Colombian national team illuminated and in a magnificent place, were not in vain.

You took advantage of them for the intimate family reunion, to drink coffee at the corner bar with the same old friends, those from soccer and the strangers who in Buenos Aires do not love this sport, and to meditate on what was done and what was done. that is yet to be done in that unique universe called soccer.

Soccer, yes sir. You know, how can you not know, that the work of the courts is so much like life itself, that the men with the ball feel, enjoy and suffer the same as the others, but also that there is a difference: a player must take advantage his short productive life, while a countryman will be a lawyer, doctor, journalist, bricklayer or tramp until the end of his days. And that is why he also knows that at his age he carries in his work bag the illusion of a retirement with homework done and satisfied, with Venezuela in the 2026 World Cup and people drunk with the desired achievement. And there is the coincidence of which we spoke at the beginning.

Nobody but you is capable of getting the best out of the Venezuelan player. Nobody like you to make these soccer men believe that if they propose it, as Richard Páez and César Farías once did, they can tear down the statues in which the media and legends have perched players who, like those of this country, like all countries in the universe, are also human beings.

But do not think that Venezuelans do not have a certain tradition to be deceived. The people of this country have learned through bitterness, and instead of shrinking, Vinotinto has grown with each defeat. That is why she believes in you, and sees you as the man who will save her from the shipwreck. Strive, strive, make you become the Pied Piper of national football.

But why do we say these things to you, football wise man, teacher of teachers, maker of roads for those who have been fortunate to follow him? Well, so that you know that we are accompanying you on this journey towards 2026, thinking that then the moment of the World Cup qualification will come, “the happy day that is coming”, as we once heard a troubadour from the Caribbean sing.

With Bolivia in time

Time, as Úrsula Iguarán said in "One Hundred Years of Solitude", does not pass but turns. Bolivia was in history the place in the world where Antonio José de Sucre began and grew up as a statesman, and it will be against Bolivia the team before which José Pekerman will begin his journey as a conductor of a football that lives by the strings Of a dream never realized

To complete the similarities and so that all things coincide, César Farías will come to the front of the team from the immense plateau. So, the game of January 27 of the year to come could be, symbolically, Venezuela against Venezuela.


Reputation. Few times, perhaps never, had a foreign technical director of such prestige as José Pékerman been in charge of the Vinotinto.

Doubts. Some skeptics are suspicious of the newcomer; not because of his ability, but because of his age for the role: 72 years.

Imported. The sum of drivers arriving from other altitudes rises: there are already eight who have come to direct the Venezuelan team.

Enthusiasm. Such has been the expectation with the appearance of the new coach, that a great attendance is expected for the game against Bolivia.

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