sunday, july 3, 2022
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Leo González: "We will have chances to score a goal"

The technical director of the national team, Leonardo González, highlighted the commitment that the players have to maintain their chances of qualifying for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, ahead of the important match that they play tonight against Chile for the South American tie.

In statements offered during a virtual press conference, González indicated that the team has understood their philosophy of the game, while highlighting the challenge that each commitment to the playoffs represents.

“The players understand the message and are committed to a country, to themselves and to their family. The important thing was to give joy to Venezuela who wanted so much to see their team win, ”González explained.

"At the national team level, games are difficult to tie and more difficult to win, having done so leaves us calm. There the order and the desire that the players had were fundamental ”, added the coach.

On the other hand, the strategist pointed out that he hopes the team can maintain order and be able to handle the different situations posed by each commitment.

“This team, from the order, is going to try to handle each different game. With the quality of players that we have at the top, we will surely have chances to score a goal ”, he said.

Regarding the possible changes in the starting eleven, he stated that when things "are going well, it is not good to do so many."

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