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Wild Rift: Venezuela National Circuit opens registrations

The purpose of the National Circuit is to classify four of the best teams in Venezuela

After the success of the Venezuela Wild Cup organized by OEMobile, where GG NO SUP was champion of our first League of Legends Wild Rift tournament.

This new tournament will provide the opportunity for new national teams to prove their worth in the competition on mobile devices.

Our first tournament qualified the teams “GG No Supp”, “Arepa Pal Mundo”, “6 Routes Panther” and “New World Order”.

The purpose of the National Circuit is to classify another 4 of the best teams in Venezuela and occupy the positions for the first Venezuelan Wild Rift League organized by OEMobile.

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Only 16 teams will be able to register for the tournament. Registration will be open until Thursday, October 20, and on October 28, the tournament matches will begin.

It will have a best-of-one (1) single elimination format; the semi-final stage, where matches will go into a best-of-three (3) elimination format; and the Grand Final for best-of-five (5) matches.

How to register your team for the Venezuela Wild Cup?

The registration of the teams of the Venezuela Wild Cup will be through ChallengerMode and they will have to meet the following requirements:

Minimum Elo: Diamond.

Older than 17 years.

2 Venezuelan players residing outside the country.

Emulators are not allowed.

During the event, our sponsors will be present and will be carried out by Krazzy Pizza, SomosGamers, pollolin_UD with the organization of unDreamTeam and the hardware brand VSG, which has a large presence in Latin America, and will carry out a surprise raffle during the broadcasts of the event.

Personalities such as ElYucaWr, Edymar98, and CachapaOnTrovo will be part of the tournament's organizational and creative team, along with Spectrum and MrTavoHD as casters.

The tournament will be broadcast live on Twitch and can be enjoyed on National Television through the respective signals of Net Uno, Inter and SimpleTv on the eSports Max Channel.

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