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VRP eSport qualifies for the FIFAe Club Series

I feel like the first Venezuelan team to qualify, they promise to leave Venezuela at the top, ascending from the Third Division.

eSports have an increasing presence worldwide, of course this also happens in Venezuela. A country in which Electronic Sports are experiencing a historic boom, reaching milestones never seen before, such as reaching international tournaments as it did Basement Gamer representing Venezuela in the Super Cup of America. Now, it is the turn of VRP eSport, qualifying in the FIFAe Club Series.

The FIFAe Club Series is a qualifying tournament in a remote online format with players competing from home in three-week formats that reward both consistency and finishing position in a division/conference system. The best clubs of this stage will reach the FIFA Club Playoffs, where they will go head to head for one of the 22 positions at stake.

During last Friday, December 9, the duo of Gaetano Castagno and Daniel Molina, both VRP eSport players, won against Xatruch Gaming, making their way to demonstrate the Venezuelan potential during the Playoffs against other great teams at the regional level.

VRP eSport wants to leave Venezuela in style

During an interview with, team player and content creator Daniel Molina offered his words, talking about how it felt to qualify, how they are preparing for the competition in February, and what their expectations are.

“These last few weeks had been a bit hard, especially for having lost in the loosers final in the first eClub Qualys, but we knew we had another chance and we had to work to get that classification”, declared Molina.

“When we reached the loosers final in this second Qualy we knew that we were playing everything for everything and that this time we couldn't escape. Although at some moments in the matches we felt that this classification was going uphill for us, it was in the 84th minute of the second leg of the loosers final, when we scored 4-3 (6-4 on Global), that we realized realize that we had already achieved the goal and all that remained was to celebrate.”

“It was a moment I will never forget. It was very emotional with tears, laughter, screams, a bit of everything, because what we achieved that day is pure history in eSports in Venezuela."

“Now, after having achieved this classification, all that remains is to continue training and wait for February when the eClub begins. We are going to start in the Third Division and our goal is simple: work our way up to the First Division. We know it won't be easy, but we want to leave Venezuela on top."

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