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Spiritual Rift Series begins registration for its Closing Tournament

32 national teams will have the opportunity to register until June 21.

After the face-to-face final of the Spiritual Rift Series, held by LGA Play, the expectation for more events of this caliber has increased nationwide.

In its last event held on May 28, three finalists of the Opening Tournament of the Spiritual Rift Series faced each other and only one team could be the champion and it was PRO42 Esports.

PRO 42 members

On June 4, LGA Play announced through its social networks the start of registration for the Closing Tournament of the League of Legends National Circuit.

Registration for this tournament is completely free. The main requirement is to have five (5) members to form your team and add four (4) substitutes.

Among the most important rules is that "the team must be made up of at least 5 Venezuelan players on the roster, in case of qualifying for the league they must have 5 Venezuelan residents", according to the LGA Play regulations through ChallengerMode.

As of this writing, more than nine teams have signed up for the event, which kicks off on June 21. Familiar faces like 7SinS E-Sport, 6 Routes Panter and Axex eSports They are ready to show their level in this new tournament.

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