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Raijin Esports and PRO42 to the final of the SRS

Both teams will seek to be the champions of this tournament

After living the development of the Opening of the Spiritual Rift Series 2023, this edition already has its finalists, approaching our first great face-to-face event for this year with the different LGAplay leagues with the final battle between Raijin Esports and PRO42, to define the champion of this Split.

Last Thursday, May 18, the last day of the Playoffs between Outer Savage and PRO42 took place, to define which team would face the already finalist Raijin Esports.

Unfortunately, during the first matchup, the game client (League of Legends) presented problems in our region and internal problems with the teams, the first victory was awarded to Outer Savage.

For the second and third matchups, PRO42 put in a “crazy” performance, according to our analysts. Despite both teams offering unmatched performance during the matchups, certain strategic mistakes by Outer Savage allowed PRO42 to gain the upper hand in both games and thus earn their berth to the final of the Spiritual Rift Series Split Opening.

MVP: P42 Shadowsong – PRO42

The #MVP of the last week of the Spiritual Rift Series playoffs goes to 'P42 Shadowsong', as his spectacular performance on the Rift resulted in 2 victories and his team's qualification to the final of the Spiritual Rift Series Split Clausura during the last week of fighting.

Likewise, David Martínes, CEO and Founder of PRO42, assured that his expectations before the confrontation of his team against Raijin Esports are that "we have many chances to win, we are preparing daily for it in order to take another trophy home ”, after having made various adjustments to the team throughout the season.

“We will face our eternal rivals again, the classic of the classics in the competitive LoL in Venezuela. I feel excited and looking forward to competing again against what I consider the strongest rival in the country.”

Regarding his thoughts on LGAplay as organizer of various competitions at the national level, Martínes assured that “Being the only competitive league in the country that we have, we must take care of it together and make it improve over time […] With the support of all the professional teams in the country and working together with the LGAplay staff we can make this league grow and improve in every way.”

On the other hand, Sam Fynn, CEO and Sports Director of Raijin Esports, mentioned that he has “great expectations for the final, since in previous editions, it has not disappointed. I feel that this year we can have a good combination between the final of the Apertura 2022 and something newer. “

Regarding his training against PRO42, “This has always been the classic of the Venezuelan League. Currently many members of Raijin are former players from other teams who have had the opportunity to face PRO2 in 42 consecutive finals. This would be my third final against them, and the truth is that I have a very positive mentality, looking to become champion again and achieve the rematch of that 2022 Apertura final.”

“This LGAplay league has had a very good development […], the Split was projected in a good way […], I feel that it has risen to a higher level and that we are on the verge of an even more professional league.”

Here begins the path to meet the great champion of the Spiritual Rift Series, the competitive League of Legends tournament in Venezuela. Soon we will offer more information on how the final of the league will take place. We can anticipate that we will have surprises that we will reveal very soon.

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