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PRO42 is the champion team of the Spiritual Rift Series

The team prepares for the next closing event organized by LGA Play.

The long-awaited face-to-face final of the Spiritual Rift Series took place last Saturday, May 28 at the Galpón de Chacao, to face three of the most competitive League of Legends teams at the national level and PRO42 eSports was victorious in the tournament. .

PRO 42

Since the beginning of the tournament, PRO42 has remained at the top of the table of participating teams, demonstrating the competitive superiority of the team against many others at the national level.

The team won 4 out of 5 total matchups against Kripto eSports, emerging victorious in the Spiritual Rift Series tournament. Shadowsong, the Top Liner of the team was recognized as the MVP of the tournament for his skill in the different confrontations.

Dems, Shadowsong, dIRSS, Ren1 and Simp de Lau gave everything for everything in each of the matchups just like their rivals. However, the competitive superiority and teamwork was what determined the victory of PRO42.

How do your players feel after the victory?

Ricardo “Shadowsong” De Freitas, MVP of the Spiritual Rift Series, who has been playing League of Legends for 8 years, spoke with Líder Sports and mentioned that “the effort was not made individually; It was done entirely as a team”

PRO 42 members

“The MVP award was not just my merit, we all played very well, everyone knew what to do at the time and well… I was simply the one who stood out the best when the team needed it. The difference between me and my team is that I had more confidence, in participating in a face-to-face event, giving everything and without hesitating at any time"

"Consistency, a lot of effort, a lot of dedication and above all that they enjoy it." It is what De Freitas recommended to young people who have the same dream of being professional eSports athletes; not just for the League of Legends discipline.

What's next for PRO42?

This victory is just the beginning of what lies ahead for PRO42. The team already has its eyes set for the closing event that will also be held by LGA Play. 

PRO42 Roster

It is not entirely clear if the next tournament will be the same roster due to agenda issues. Several members have academic commitments, but will do their best to be available for the following meetings.

But his international participation in the Professional Video Game League (LVP) of Colombia is clear, fighting for a place in the official Riot Games Latin American League.

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