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Outer Savage wins the League of Legends circuit

The national circuit had the participation of 13 teams and hopes to expand even more

The League of Legends National Circuit has ended! And Outer Savage is the triumphant team from our qualifying tournament that paves the way for new teams to be part of the opening edition of the Spiritual Rift Series organized by LGAplay.

The National Circuit had the participation of thirteen (13) Venezuelan teams, and among them are: Lorena Gaming, Crimson Manji Gang, Outer Savage, Guardians Esports, Valhalla Vikings, Kripto Esports, Kripto Galaxy, Axex School. Heaven of Ashes, U2 Dragon, SPACE KsK Gaming, Thunder Max Gaming and Alpha Gaming Center.

Outer Savage, is a Venezuelan team made up of 'dead boi', 'Yo Chispitas', 'Danielle Cavill', 'Jimmy Burton' and 'UC Thundraz', in addition to having 'Melvox', 'Lionel' and 'Zeróx' as substitutes and 'Photis' as coach, was the one who took first place in this LGAplay qualifying tournament.

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During the different days of the National Circuit, the team maintained a streak of ten (10) victories, remaining undefeated, even defeating Thunder Max Gaming in the Grand Final by 2-0.

César Campins, CEO of Outer Savage declared that "at the time of participating I made it clear to the players and the coach that the objective was not to qualify, the objective was for people to see that this year we came to win, that we come stronger than ever and that we aim to be the favorites in all the competitions… and it was achieved”.

On the eve of the Spiritual Rift Series: Split Opening, the CEO assures that “the team is training for the tournament. We are excited, it is good to know that we can participate where the highest level is in Venezuela, and being in that category of the best is gratifying.”

“We aim to be the best of the best in everything. The comparison is with ourselves and for this reason, it is not enough for us to do things well, but to perfection”.

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