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StarteSportsOuter Savage and PRO42 will face each other in the SRS

Outer Savage and PRO42 will face each other in the SRS

The duel will take place next Thursday, May 18

During the past week, LGAplay continued with the playoff phase of the Spiritual Rift Series (SRS), the Venezuelan League of Legends that brings together the best teams nationwide in search of encouraging electronic sports talent nationwide. .

For this week, Guardians Esports, 6 Routes Panter and Hooked Esports say goodbye to the Playoffs phase, and the 3 remaining teams (Outer Savage, Raijin Esports and PRO42) prepare their agenda to see each other again in Best of 3 matches to continue in this phase and advance to the Grand Final.

Raijin Esports vs. Outer Savage

Last Monday, May 1, Raijin Esports and Outer Sagave inaugurated this new day of the Spiritual Rift Series with a series of Best of 3 matches.

In this series of matches that was defined in just two games, we saw an Outer Savage who started out very aggressive, but as both matches went by, Raijin Esports managed to take advantage of his rival's drop in performance, managing to obtain two consecutive victories.

For this day, the #MVP was nothing more and nothing less than the Mid Lanner 'Ermoke' from Raijin Esports, who with his high performance on this day during the Playoffs of the Spiritual Rift Series Split Opening 2023, kept his team in the Upper Bracket, taking them straight to the Grand Final.

Guardians Esports vs. PRO42

Culminating last week, on Thursday, May 11, Guardians Esports vs. PRO42, they met in a series of Best of 3 Matches.

Leaving as an exciting spectacle, during the first match, PRO42 demonstrated great ability in terms of control over Summoner's Rift, as well as objectives. This gave them a huge advantage in the game, which later ensured their first victory.

For the second game, Guardians Esports managed to come up with a more intense matchup at the beginning, but one that PRO42 players like 'Shadowsong' managed to mitigate by managing to gain a significant advantage thanks to their Camille getting a KDA of 6/1/8. , becoming a nightmare for the maracuchos Guardians and this helped PRO42 obtain the second victory of the day, leaving Guardians Esports out of the competition.

This high performance made AD Carry of PRO42, 'Doubleshot' as #MVP of the fourth day of the Playoffs in the Spiritual Rift Series Split Opening 2023, which left Guardians Esports out in this phase.

Now, on Thursday, May 18, a new Playoff day will take place in the SRS Split Apertura, where Outer Savage and PRO42 will face each other in the Loser Final, to define who will have the opportunity to fight against Raijin Esports in the Grand Final. of the Spiritual Rift Series Split Opening 2023.

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