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NACT commands the first week of the LVRL

The competition for the popular video game has already passed its first week

After the qualifying phase, on May 12 and 13 the first week of division 1 and 2 of the Venezuelan Rocket League (LVRL) was held.

This national esports competition organized by Rocket League Venezuela had the first live broadcast via Twitch this Saturday for Division 1. During this opening day there were three exciting matches where national talent shone.

The first game of the afternoon for the best of three games (bo3) was between Josepo FC and NACT, and the latter achieved a landslide victory by defeating the rival team 2-0.

In the second match, Capybara Gaming stood firm against a Guasdualito FC that put up a fight and tried to stay on its feet. But the efforts of the pink squad were not enough and Capybara made it 2-0 on their debut.

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Finally, the most heartfelt game of the day took place between Wolf Chazers and Diosa Excavadora. This close contest led to the first game in an overtime which the wolves ended up winning by scoring the golden goal. The second game was again very disputed and ended in the second 0 in favor of Wolf Chazers who reached 2-0 after beating a worthy rival.

The fourth game, scheduled between Tribu Network and ARVIS, was postponed due to failure with the power supply of one of the players. The meeting will take place during the week and the results will be given in the coming days.

Second Division

The first day of the Second Division of the LVRL, took place on Friday, May 12, without transmission, and it was not far behind with the action. Pekes, Diavolos, TheTimotocuicas and NITROEAGLES were the winning teams this week.

Week 1 MVP

The MVP of Week 1 of the First Edition of the LVRL goes to Aviator from the NACT team. Considered one of the most outstanding players in the country, Aviator takes this great honor for participating in spectacular aerial passes and scoring 5 goals during this series.

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