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LGA Play will bring Venezuela to the international competitive scene

The organization seeks to support young talent with their career in eSports.

Last Saturday, May 28, the largest face-to-face eSports event in Venezuela was held. The live final of the Spiritual Rift Series, involving PRO42, Kripto eSports and Spartacus as the three finalists of the tournament.

All three teams gave their best; demonstrating that Venezuela has the level to compete internationally in the next tournaments held by Riot Games; and children, youth and adults were present in one place, receiving the best electronic sports experience in Venezuela thanks to LGA Play. 

The team that was victorious was PRO42 against Kripto eSports, in a series of hard-fought round-trip matches in which the champion team demonstrated its competitive superiority.

PRO 42 members

The event could not only be seen from El Galpón de Chacao; but also, from any Cinex nationwide and through the Twitch, Youtube and Trovo channels of LGA Play, accumulating more than 5.000 views between the different platforms.

This is just the beginning of eSports in Venezuela

During an exclusive interview with Jeisson D. Rauseo, presenter and organizer of the event, he mentioned that Venezuela has incredible potential in electronic sports but has not had the opportunity to have an international presence due to the lack of experiences such as the Spiritual Rift Series; but thanks to LGA Play, the doors are finally opening not only in League of Legends.

Jeison Rauseo

«There is a lot of potential and I am sure that when we have leagues and when we have national circuits, the developers will begin to open the doors to international tournaments»

“An example of this is our Venezuelan Counter Strike League. They already gave us a place to participate in the CS:GO Latin American Super Cup and the team that wins the Star Pro League will represent Venezuela in Argentina," added Rauseo.

LGA Play will also take Venezuelan competitors to the Latin American League of League of Legends

Later in the interview, he mentioned what's next for the Spiritual Rift Series. Wishing that for next year, the SRS will be officially the Professional League of League of Legends in Venezuela and have a quota to participate in the Latin American League (LLA).

“This event is not possible without the support of Riot. They told us that when this year's league ends, we will talk in December and next year, if everything goes well, Venezuela will have a place to enter the LLA qualifier”


This is one of the most important and ambitious projects related to the world of video games and eSports in the national territory. It is expected that by 2023, Venezuela will continue to develop in this competitive scene.

League of Legends and CS: GO will not be the only competitive games to have support from the organization. Games like Wild Rift, Valorant, Tekken, Street Fighter and Super Smash Bros will also receive support from LGA Play.

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