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League of Legends will have two new leagues

The competitions will be destined for the Latin American region

LVP unveiled the name of its two new competitions that come to revolutionize the competitive scene of League of Legends in Latin America: North Regional League and South Regional League.

The second half of 2023 will mark a new era in the history of esports when the best League of Legends teams from each region meet in two major competitions, developed by LVP and officially run by Riot Games, which will kick off on the 11th. May in the South and May 13 in the North.

“We are very pleased to take this important step in the competitive League of Legends in Latin America. The time is right to bring the best of our national leagues to two regional competitions, which will continue to be run by Riot Games, and with which we will deliver a more exciting and higher-quality competition that will benefit the entire community," he says. Jordi Soler, CEO of LVP.

Each of these competitions will be made up of 10 organizations that have stood out on the scene in their region. Thus, the Northern Regional League (#LRN), TIGO Elements League (Central America and the Caribbean), Fibra Movistar Golden League (Colombia), Volcano Discover League (Ecuador) and six teams that are already being selected through applications.

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On the other hand, in the South Regional League (#LRS) the champions of the Stars League (Peru), Master Flow League (Argentina), Burger King Honor League (Chile) and seven organizations chosen through applications will participate.

The selection process was only open to organizations that were part of the National Leagues in Opening 2023, and they will go through a rigorous selection process through the committee made up of LVP. The results of this process will be published during the month of April.

Each season, the champions of the North Regional League and the South Regional League will meet at the end of the competition to find out who will be the team that will fight for the spot in the largest League of Legends competition on the continent, the LLA.

The objective of the Regional Leagues is to improve the competitive level of the region, provide greater stability to the ecosystem for brands and fans, generate new stories between teams and communities and, ultimately, weave a more solid and enduring sector over time.

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