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KFC and LGAplay show support for esports

The fast food franchise continues to give the necessary support to electronic sports in Venezuela

LGAplay is pleased to announce that KFC remains committed to esports in Venezuela, further expanding its history in this emerging sports discipline such as electronic sports.

KFC Venezuela becomes the Official Sponsor of the Spiritual Rift Series and the Spike Pro League for all of 2023.

Let's remember that the SRS Opening and the SPL Season 1 will take place during the first quarter of this year.

Ana Julia Cuevas, Online Marketing Coordinator for KFC in Venezuela, stated that the point of involving the company in esports at the national level is to "achieve greater exposure among the young public and make them feel the necessary support to develop their skills." sports”.

"Supporting national talent will always be beneficial at all levels, we want to contribute a grain of sand to the development of young people and be pioneers in the gamer world," he continued.

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From the first time that KFC decided to be an Official Sponsor of the events organized by LGAplay, "It has shown a great commitment to e-sports, its team is strong and they are committed to a short and medium-term project to continue growing to e-sports in Venezuela”, emphasized the Coordinator.

The fact that KFC is an Official Sponsor of our leagues allows the sports careers of our competitors to have greater exposure and relevance at the national level, as well as the security that they will have the necessary logistical support to compete inside or outside Venezuela.

Our competitors appreciate the unconditional support

Arnold Pacheco, Technology Director of Axex Academy, assures that both he and Axex eSports have "high expectations" for what LGAplay is preparing for this year together with KFC, taking into account that being the Winners of the Spiritual Rift Series: Split Clausura 2022, they assure that they must "defend their throne" in the league.

Pacheco says that support like KFC's in LGAplay leagues allows players to get more involved with the brands that support them.

"Geek culture is at a very high point and there are a huge number of events in all parts of the country, being a gamer as a career is already known, but it is necessary to alert all corners of the country that there are companies committed to it."

For his part, Carlos "GeXero" Avendaño, CEO of LGAplay invites you to recognize that "the public of electronic sports is a loyal public, which marries the brand that supports what they are passionate about, and to see brands like KFC, who join these types of projects, generate loyalty and promote the competitive scene in Venezuela”.

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