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José Kazanji: "Our goal is to go to the World Cup"

The team will face the teams of Argentina, Colombia and Peru in the eNations League

The eSelección da Venezuela, the team dedicated to eSports of the FVF, will soon participate in Division 1 of the eNations League to seek a place in the World Cup of the discipline.

In this competition, the Venezuelan team made up of José Kazanji, Fabián Peñuela and Yeickens Orozco will face the best on the continent to achieve their goal.

The team was put under the orders of Rafael Guevara to work in a module on January 26 and 27 to carry out their first training sessions and thus set the strategy for the eNations League.

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Venezuela will face off in Division 1 against the teams of Argentina, Colombia and Peru.

“We have a very clear objective in mind, which is to go to the World Cup, but we must go step by step. The first step is to do well in Division 1 and stay there. We will face teams like Argentina, Colombia and Peru that are World Cup players, which will be a great challenge for us that we are ready to take on," Kazanji told the FVF.

“The first thing is to stay strong when we play on our server and show what we have been doing. We can already see the work and that every day we are better. We believe that in this first division we will do what is necessary to stay in the fight for our World Cup dream”, added the player.

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