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«Garu» is the new signing of PRO42 for Super Smash Bros

The team seeks to diversify in the national competitive scene with this new signing.

Venezuelan talent in the competitive scene of multiple disciplines has been developed since the last decade. This is thanks to the vision of video games to become a high-performance competitive sport.

National teams demonstrate it, like PRO42 who were crowned as the champion team of the opening tournament of the Spiritual Rift Series.

Now, to diversify into another vital discipline in the Venezuelan competitive scene, they continue to recruit talented young people like Gabriel Rivero, better known as "GARU" who will serve as the professional Super Smash Bros Ultimate player who will face the team.

Last Friday, June 3, PRO42 Esports formalized the signing and announced the following through a press release «We have just signed the player Gabriel Alexander Rivero, a professional Super Smash Bros Ultimate player, in order to expand to more games of great interest in the country.

Dems and Garu
Dems – CEO of PRO42 & Gabriel “GARU” Rivero

28-year-old Rivero, or better known as "GARU" is a native of Villa de Cura, Edo Aragua and took his first steps as a competitive Super Smash player since 2012 and two years later it was when he made the decision to dedicate himself completely to the scene. game competitive.

Currently, "GARU" stands out as one of the best players in this discipline in Venezuela. He has an overall win rate of 78% and was recently victorious in the last tournament held by Smash Venezuela (Smash Pro League #14), going on a 6-0 losing streak.

Smash Pro League 14 GARU

Through websites like PG Stars y SmashWiki, you will be able to see the analysis of his career as a competitive player of Super Smash Bros.

What are GARU's expectations after being part of PRO42 Esports?

«Be more aware of my training and my desire to play now that I am representing the club. Go out more and compete in different places thanks to the support they are giving me to develop myself even more as a competitor»; Rivero mentioned during an interview with Líder Sports.

The club plans to participate in tournaments organized by the Smash Venezuela community, such as the FightDay on August 20 and 21; or upcoming ones to be held by LGA Play and other organizations.

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