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FvF eSports says goodbye to the FIFAe Nation Series 2022

They say goodbye this year, but will continue training for future tournaments.

Last April, the Venezuelan Football Federation (FVF) announced the creation of FVF eSports, its new eSelection totally geared towards FIFA.

Made up of Fabian Peñuela and José Kazanji as starters, Yeickens Orozco and José Silva as backup and Rafael Guevara as national coach; They had the goal of reaching Denmark for the finals of the FIFAe Nation Series 2022 tournament, but not before going through the Qualifiers that took place between May 19 and 21.

In the Qualifiers they faced other Latin American countries such as Peru, Chile, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador and Paraguay; qualifying for the second phase and ranking third among all participating countries.

However, during this phase FvF eSports lost against Chile, by an amount of 7 for 4 in global goals and against Ecuador, in penalties, resulting in a 4 for 3, in order to decree the elimination of Venezuela in the tournament. .

As the team mentioned via Twitter, this is not the end of the team. eVinotinto will continue to participate in upcoming national and international tournaments to represent Venezuela in electronic sports.

Faced with the defeat, members reflected on their self-criticism, motivating the fans of the discipline.

For his part, José Kazanji mentioned the following:

Rafael Guevara also stated that “the playoffs were not made, but we will learn a lot from them and we will come back stronger than ever. I think there is no better feeling when you are going to represent your country in a competition and want to defend it to the death»

Finally, Yeickens Orozco thanked FvF eSports for the initiative and that "unfortunately the results were not given and we ended up eliminated on penalties 4-3 by Ecuador after an excellent performance we had in the first round, getting the first place among 7 eSelecciones"

«We are sure that we will continue to give our best and we will practice personally and collectively for a better result the following year and also correct the mistakes we had throughout the qualifiers»

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