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FVF eSports already has representatives for FIFAe Nation Series 2022

Fabián Peñuela, José Kazanji and Yeickens Orozco will represent the Vinotinto

Last Sunday, April 24, the final of the FVF eTrophy Champions took place, summoning the most talented EA SPORTS FIFA players in the country.

The winner of the tournament, Fabián Peñuela, together with José Kazanji and Yeickens Orozco will be the ones who will represent Vinotinto in the 2022 FIFAe Nation Series.

Living the experience of the selected

During a short interview with the three finalists, they responded about how they see the beginning of the tournament, after being selected.

The common response among the new representatives of FVF eSports was the expectation of being victorious, due to the time of experience playing FIFA competitively.

However, they would know that it would not be an easy contest and that a single mistake could take the victory away from them.

One of the favorites by fans and the public present at the final of the event was the third finalist Yeickens Orozco, who during the round of XNUMX received a warning for excessive celebration, according to the tournament regulations. 

Despite the inconvenience, Yeickens showed off his talent, offering the spectators the most exciting clashes of the round of 4: the victory of 3 goals for 120 against Xavier Velásquez, scoring the one that would give him victory in the XNUMXth minute of the match; and when he exclaimed “I am Vinotinto”, when he won third place against José Silva with five consecutive goals in penalty kicks.

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In the case of the second place, José Kazanji, from the first moment he knew that he had the possibility of being selected to represent FVF eSports.

During the matches, Kazanji thrashed his opponents from the beginning of the tournament, demonstrating his superiority by remaining calm above all else. In the round of XNUMX, he maintained his attitude to continue scoring during the last matches until he finished second.

Finally, Fabián Peñuela, champion of the FVF eTrophy, despite not having experience playing FIFA from a PlayStation 5 he performed well and was self-critical about his mistakes, remembering when he almost missed the group stage by a goal in the 86th minute.

After this, he managed to reach the last match of the evening to declare himself the winner, culminating in extra time, in a 2 against 3 in favor of Peñuela, giving him the victory.

Fabian Penuela, Jose Kazanji, and Yeickens Orozco
Courtesy – FVF eSports

What is the next step for FVF eSports?

From now on, Peñuela, Kazanji and Orozco will represent Venezuela in the FIFAe Nation Series 2022, seeking the playoff against other Latin American countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Paraguay and Bolivia.

Given this, they will be trained by FVF eSports from the house. They will have their own technical director, deciding who will be the starters depending on their performance in training.

Taking into account that the three members have known each other for a long time, it will facilitate communication when training and being able to complement each other. The expectation of the new members and the FVF is to win this year's FIFAe Nation Series.

Should FVF eSports be victorious during this playoff, they will join 24 other teams participating in the live final in Denmark from July 27-30.

Courtesy – FVF eSports

A dream come true

Years ago, it was unclear whether esports would have such strong recognition from multiple national organizations, such as the FVF or LGA Play, fulfilling the dream of many Venezuelan gamers involved in the world of competitive gaming.

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