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"Fuko" continues as Tekken 1 National Top 7

The Tekken National Circuit closes with an incredible final at the Streamer Arena facilities.

The fanaticism of games like Tekken by the Venezuelan gamer since its first release a little over two decades ago for arcades is undeniable.

Last Saturday, August 6, the «Last Round: The Finals» was held, a final tournament organized by Gabriel Pezzi (recognized general organizer of the Tekken Venezuela community, nicknamed as PezzimanTK) with the support of LGA Play as producers of the event.


The venue where the tournament was held was in the Milenium Mall Shopping Center, exactly in the facilities of Streamer Arena, a new Gamer Arena soon to be inaugurated located in the Capital District.

Fuko La Muerte and Ho Min, the Last Round of the Tekken 7 national circuit

After a day of clashes between the 8 finalists of the circuit, Rafael Yanes "Fuko La Muerte" and Ho Min Lee "Ho Min" met face to face in the grand final of this crowded tournament full of euphoria for the fans who never stopped to show euphoria and emotion for the different confrontations.

Finally, after multiple confrontations between the two finalists, the one who was victorious was "Fuko La Muerte", showing consistency by maintaining his title as the Top 1 of Venezuela in Tekken 7.

Streamer Arena promises to support eSport communities in Venezuela

This new Caracas Gamer Arena has a stable internet connection, state-of-the-art computer equipment and peripherals from the Redragon brand, it also has next-generation video game consoles so that Gamers can enjoy their free time to the fullest or that aspiring athletes professional electronics have all the necessary equipment to perform well in their discipline.


One of the goals of Jorge Romero, one of the people behind the creation of this new space mentioned during an interview with Líder Sports that «We want to get there, we want to get parents and representatives of young people to understand that this is like a Club, a field, that here there are objectives, goals and complementary tasks for competitive players to increase their potential.»

"We want to bridge that gap and get parents involved and start developing personalized programs and go hand in hand with both the youth and their representative." Romero concluded.

Unlike other Arenas throughout the country, Streamer Arena proposes something they call the "Gamer Route". At the moment, we can only mention that it is "a dual degree program for gamers" and that the final concept will be announced at the official opening of Streamer Arena in the coming weeks.

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