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Estral advances to the LLA final

The team will seek to qualify for Worlds 2022 against the winner of the duel between Rainbow7 and Team Aze

La Latin American League of League of Legends (LLA) lived a dramatic week in which the first finalist who will seek to obtain his pass to the League of Legends World Cup, Worlds 2022, was known.

Estral Esports was consecrated with the victory against Isurus in the first semifinal of the contest, which allows them to reach their third consecutive final. The team won with a score of 3-1 in a duel that they dominated from the first minute.

Estral got the first blood of the game in the ninth minute, after a drive to the mid lane. As of the hegemony would be maintained, after a fall in the game by Isurus.

For the second game the results were reversed and it was Isurus who managed to take the victory with a massive stomp in 27 minutes of play.

Despite the fight from Isurus, Estral managed to focus more on Summoner's Rift and they came out on top in the next two games by taking Baron and starting to push the enemy lines.

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The next semifinal duel will be between Rainbow7 and Team Aze, who will fight on Saturday, August 20 to find who will fight Estral for first place in the LLA.

The final of this competition will take place on August 27 at Gamergy Mexico, where the Latin American team that will seek to become the world champion will be defined.

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