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Axex Academy reaches eSports with its new team

The video game academy also supports Gamers with courses and professional training.

The national eSport is increasing exponentially thanks to multiple people and organizations involved and motivated to support young people in becoming a professional electronic athlete to represent Venezuela.

During the live final of the Spiritual Rift Series, Axex Academy officially announced the start of its own team called Axex eSports, a competitive team starting its journey with MOBAs and League of Legends disciplines.

Team Axex eSports
Yunna, Outtai, Good ADC, Sykon, Literal me friend, Zefyr, Wesos and more will be the ones who will be part of the main team. Photo: Gabriel Pezzi

They will participate in the closing tournament of LGA Play, including important players from the national scene, including former members of Kripto eSports, the second finalist of the Spiritual Rift Series.

But… What is Axex Academy?

It is an eSports academy that supports the players who are at home to train them and take them into their professional career.

Axex Academy started at the end of last year and they are located in Valencia, Carabobo state, planning to have a presence in all other regions of the country.

What is the recruitment process like for new talent at the academy?

Soon, the academy will call those who want to be part of the team to a series of auditions, which will begin the selection process and based on the experience that each participant has, they will be granting quotas to be part of Axex Academy. This will be split between experienced and inexperienced players.

Once the groups are formed, the training phases will begin to evaluate the performance of those selected. Once the entire process is finished, they will go to the selection phase and will be part of the academic group, such as the Axex Academy eSports team.

Photo: @pezzimantk via Instagram

The intention of this initiative is to support the player from the beginning of his career so that he can be trained as a professional electronic sports player.

Prospects will receive the benefit of training with professional Coach's, provide support for their sports training; as well as supporting them with computer equipment such as peripherals or a good internet connection in the case of participating from home or full access to the equipment at its headquarters in Valencia.

In addition to this, they are currently developing a series of online and face-to-face courses. The first to arrive is the Tekken Course, training those interested from the most basic to the most advanced. The course will have an entrance fee, which will be announced by Axex Academy when appropriate.

What Fighting Games will be included in the academy?

Photo: @pezzimantk via Instagram

For Axex Academy, the main game is Tekken 7; however, they are open to the possibility of covering more games, but they will be included "in phases" in order to better focus each discipline.

Stefano Michelangelli – Axex Academy Marketing Director

During an interview with Stefano Michelangelli, Marketing Director of Axex Academy, he mentioned that “we want to create a community, okay? That's the idea. A community of people who love eSports or Gaming in general. We truly believe that to build a true eSports culture or experience, you always need community.”

Although their focus will be for Venezuelans within the national territory, they are not closed in including our compatriots abroad or any other nationality. The door is open for everyone who wants to participate and support the project.

For those who want to follow this initiative more closely, they can follow Axex Academy through their social networks as Instagram y Youtube or learn much more about them at Your Website.

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