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Arvoinen will represent Venezuela in the Wild Rift World Tournament

Venezuela is a country that has full potential to export athletes in many disciplines and among them are eSports, where multiple video games we have been fortunate to leave a mark in some way.

People like Samuel Alejandro Zambrano Rondón, 24 years old and born in Mérida, who currently serves as captain of STMN Esports, a competitive mobile gaming team. In addition to being the captain, he works as a support and supports the administrative part of the club, organizing Scrims, planning schedules and assisting in the coaching of the team.

Right at the time of publishing this article, Zambrano is in Singapore, on his way to the Icons Global Championship 2022, or better known as the League of Legends Wild Rift World Cup. In this tournament, 24 teams from 8 regions face off to determine which team from which region will be the world champion in this discipline.

The international scene is a dream for any young eSports lover and Arvoinen is included. At the moment, the young man from Merida hopes to have more presence in the international competitive scene, after playing at the regional level during these last years.

His goal is to compete at the Latin American level or in his own words "reach the highest possible level", hoping to have a presence in other regions around the world.

Dedication and competitive spirit is what allowed Arvoinen to reach the World Cup

2 months before the first competition in which he and his team STMN Esports would attend, they had a missing member. In this way, Arvoinen made the decision to learn the mechanics of the game to take the support role, to finally be crowned as undefeated finalists in said competition.

STMN Esports

Arvoinen never played League of Legends, the original PC game Wild Rift is based on. It took him a few months to adapt to the game and stay for several months in the top 10 of the best players at the regional level in this discipline.

According to him, the gameplay is easier than the PC version. “A person who plays on their mobile device has a 100% chance of adapting to a game much faster compared to its version on PC. Mainly, there are fewer buttons and they are better adapted»

“The difference between playing on a mobile device and PC is that it is less fatiguing. The PC version has much longer matches than the mobile version and if the game matches you with toxic players, you will have to be with them for a long time.

wild rift
League of Legends Wild Rift

Despite this, he and his team struggled early in their competitive career in this discipline compared to other teams. The other competitors already knew the synergies, abilities, active and passive of each champion, among other things.

What is the expectation of STMN Esports for the Icons Global Championship 2022?

Icons Global Championship 16 will take place starting June 2022 and STMN Esports will be present. Arvoinen's expectation as team captain is to win, as expected.

However, they recognize that what awaits them will be an unforgettable experience. Although they will play against STMN Esports, the second best team from China in Wild Rift, in the group stage, they remain motivated to give everything to be victorious.

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