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Daily Archives: Nov 29, 2021

Zulianos dominated Clásico de la Chinita

Jaime Pocho Lugo with Catira de Mayo won the 1st version. Compadre Chus triumphed in the 2nd

Avisaíl García goes to Miami for 4 years and $ 53 million

He will be the sixth Venezuelan on the Marlins' roster for the 2022 campaign

Pushi Puente replaces Dildo in the Caribbean

It is the third change that Puerto Rico makes in a week due to injuries to others

Shark Crisis Continues

Since 2004, a total of 17 managers have served as La Guaira's bench.

Game vision | Participating in COV elections is an obstacle course

Enjoy an installment of "Game Vision" by Gerardo Blanco

T-shirt 10 | MLS, Venezuelan soccer

Enjoy a new installment of "T-shirt 10" by Cristóbal Guerra

On the ball | Hardest year for Hall of Fame election

Enjoy a new installment of "En la bola" by Juan Vené

Tripleplay | Hall of Fame is coming

Enjoy a new installment of "Tripleplay" by Humberto Acosta

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